Putting people first. Not the special interests

Putting people first. Not the special interests

Now more than ever, we need to elect people who have what it takes to stand up
to the powerful corporate special interests.

Steve Kirby has demonstrated his commitment doing just that for more than three decades. His only special interest is you, the people of the 29th District.

After over 30 years of public service, Steve Kirby is living proof that it’s possible to hold a public office for that long without becoming part of the problem. He understands that our government can be our best friend…or it can also be our worst enemy if left unchecked. Over the years, he has learned to understand its potential – and its limitations – and that’s the hardest thing for the novice politician to figure out.

Steve Kirby has established a reputation in Olympia for his ability to bring all the players to the table and work out differences – and to treat stakeholders on every side of every issue with respect and fairness. He’s learned the hard way that in politics, the perfect is almost always the enemy of the good, and that change often needs to happen incrementally. He knows that you can’t just pretend that the political process doesn’t exist or that you can somehow make it go away….because if you do and you get elected, you won’t get much done.

Re-elect Steve Kirby. It’s the next best thing to being there yourself.